Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Official Olympic Merchandise

Official Olympic Merchandise
Since the official logo for the London 2012 was unveiled in 2007, it's garnered a mixed response from both the media and the general public. Love it or hate it, it's certainly unique, it has become instantly recognisable and as 2012 approaches it's becoming more and more ubiquitous with each passing day. With less than a year to go the London Olympics logo can be found on numerous products which are sponsoring the games as well as on and ever growing number of souvenirs and collectibles. These range from the already popular range of London 2012 bags to bed linen, towels and tableware. Even jewellery and laptop bags are being emblazoned with the 2012 logo.
Alongside the famous logo are the two Olympic mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville; both being a one eyed monster of sorts, are already proving popular amongst youngsters. Wenlock (one eye, bald head and blobular body) is the mascot for the Olympic games and Mandeville (one eye, spiky head and blobular body) is the mascot for the Paralympic games. Both Wenlock and Mandeville can be found on a wide range of London 2012 merchandise including cuddly toys, key rings, t-shirts and tracksuits and of course on the children's range of London 2012 bags.
If you're not a fan of the official Olympic logo or are too old for the two mascots, yet still want to show your support, there is a range which feature traditional sporting pictograms or which simply state 'London 2012' such as the range of wallets and laptop bags. There's also a range of Team GB merchandise along with their very own team mascot; a very British lion named Pride who sports a with a red white and blue mane. The Team GB merchandise includes bags, t-shirts, sweat shirts and sportswear along with a range of collectibles ranging from stationary to miniature models depicting each event, from athletics and aquatics to weightlifting and wrestling.
Merchandising for the London 2012 Olympic games is a huge part of promoting the games, as well as helping to raise revenue and help fund the event. Official merchandise can easily be distinguished from counterfeit goods by the official 2012 hologram which can be found on all products. Packaged products will have the hologram somewhere on the outer packaging whereas items such as clothing or London 2012 bags will sport the hologram on a swing tag. Whatever item you buy, be it one of the many Olympic bags, stationary, clothing or other collectibles, make sure you're buying official Olympic merchandise by checking for the official hologram first.

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