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The Icons of Teen Fashion Blogging

The Icons of Teen Fashion Blogging

At this present time, it's the women who have taken over the fashion industry. It has forced many young children to opt for the internet by opening up blogs to showcase their designs which has paid off a great deal because many people check out these blogs on a daily basis.

In Texas, a young fashion addict by the name of Jane Aldridge began blogging when she was she was 16.The blog goes by name of Sea of Shoes and it has a done a tremendous job in promoting this young lady.

This popularity she has made it hard for her to cope up with her friends who think she is not styled up enough to hang with them. The mother of this Young Texas girl has a fashion business in Tokyo which clearly shows that Jane is living a high life.

Many teenage girls have admired her style to the extent that every outfit she puts on, they go wild. She has many shelves filled up with shoes she gathers due to her passion for them. Sea of Shoes attracts 70,000 people every day hence this says it all.

Among the other fashion teenage geniuses we have Tavi Gevinson. With her sense of style; she is highly demanded by all fashion magazines, Teen Vogue inclusive.

Style Rookie which happens to be the name of her fashion blog was invented when she was 13 years old. The designs you will find on her blog will give you the first impression that this young lady has lots of love for fashion.

Fashion is all about having the perfect clothes and accessories which when put on, you will be so smart and many people will appreciate.

The whole point is putting on something that will make heads turn around in search of that smartly dressed person who has just passed. It's all about having the knowledge and confidence which can help you come up with a good design.

Spring 2011 Fashion Trends for Women

Spring 2011 Fashion Trends for Women
The fashion trends for Spring 2011 will be a welcome change to "real" women everywhere. Instead of clothes that would only look good on a size 2 teenager, designers chose to show a variety of figure-flattering, figure forgiving clothes in luxurious fabrics and colors.
With a little bit of modification, these styles can be easily incorporated into anyone's wardrobe.
Trend #1: Full cut trousers
For the past several seasons, designers like Marc Jacobs have mined the 70s look. This time, instead of a boho-hippie influence, we get the 70s look from the movie the "Ice Storm". Think groovy pantsuits as they would have been worn in suburban Connecticut
These pants are mid to high rise, which may look strange after over a decade of low cut, hip slung jeans, and the inadvertent thong show that followed. This is a welcome change, as is the possibility of eliminating muffin top without having to diet.
Wear this style with a tucked in blouse, a skinny belt and wedge heels for an easy and stylish work look.
Trend #2: Maxi dresses
What could be easier than a long, loose dress? Today's styles are slim, but not tight, and made with drapey fabrics like jersey.
Like everything else, it's the details that count. To avoid looking like Mrs. Roper from "Three's Company", steer clear of Hawaiian prints or paisley. Instead, opt for solid colors in nudes or in the sure-to-be-everywhere color this spring: a soft mint green.
Trend #3: Pajama dressing
Yes, this is literally what some designers and fashion editors are calling this trend.
Loose pants tied at the waist, and boxy tees worn with a housecoat over them may seem like what most of us wear when we are home sick, not high fashion. But these basics are elevated when the pants are made of cashmere or silk, the tees are whisper thin and layered over each other and the over coat is in a dark shade like navy or black.
Also shown were dresses that looked like long, satin nightgowns. Of all the trends, this is perhaps the riskiest, fashion wise. Unless you work in a creative field, coming to work dressed in these clothes will probably draw some puzzled looks from your co-workers.
Trend #4: Bold colors
Although there were models on the runway wearing head to toe orange, electric blue and neon orange, even the designers tempered this style by pairing their clothes with plenty of whites and blacks. The result was a fresh way to update the basic neutrals most of us have in our closet.
Another way color was used this season was in the use of prints. Fruit themed prints were used, as were sailor-type stripes. The trend of mixing prints continues to be strong, as stripes were shown with flower prints. Kept in the same color family, this combination works.
These are just a few of the trends for Spring, and it is a promising one. Designers seemed to respond to the economy by presenting clothes that can be worn in a variety of seasons, from day to night, and in silhouettes that are timeless. Investment dressing may finally be brought to the masses to mean not a three thousand dollar purse, but a $150 lightweight cashmere sweater you'll wear all year long.

New Women's Fashion Trends

New Women's Fashion Trends
Are you trying to find the best new styles of the season and do not know where to shop? It sometimes is difficult to find the styles, selection and price that you are looking for in stores and a lot of women have started shopping online for the new women's fashions that are hot for the season. If you are looking for a certain size, style or color of fashion that you have not been able to find anywhere, you can go online and search for the latest available fashion wear.
You can also find out what the hottest new trends are for the season and compare the different prices and choices to find what you are looking for. You can go online and find a great selection of dresses, skirts, shoes, pants and tops and review the newest looks for the season. If you are ready to start the season off in style, you can learn how to shop for the latest trends and learn more about the fashions that will help you look great.
You can shop for the kind of clothing that you are looking for, or you can browse through online stores that offer the latest looks and great deals on the new women's fashion that you are looking for. You can read about how to mix and match some of the best new collections of clothing, and how you can create a great looking outfit on a budget. When you shop online for clothing and the latest fashions, you can have the ability to compare different kinds of brands and styles to find the hottest looks and the best prices.
Shopping online for the latest in clothing and fashion is fun and easy and you can find the best selection of all of your favorite brands of clothing. When you want to keep up on what is happening in the world of new women's fashion you can go online to the web site and search for the kind of styles and looks that you want. If you need to find a certain size or color that is not available in the stores around your area, shopping online is a great way to find not only the styles that you like, but the prices that you can afford. You can learn how to use different pieces of clothing together to make the most of your clothing, and start off the season in style. Shop online for the best prices on your favorite looks and find out what some of the latest styles are is season to create your own looks and fashions with the clothes that you want to find.

Intimate Women's Lingerie Fashion Trends

Intimate Women's Lingerie Fashion Trends
Womens lingerie follows fashion trends in much the same way as traditional clothing lines. Certain styles and colors become the "hot" trend after lingerie lines debut their latest collections and market them through fashion shows, magazines, and catalogs. These media outlets are a great barometer of the upcoming trends that will arrive in stores. Shopping for lingerie online makes it even easier to find a wider array of the latest styles. Online shopping also has a large variety of sizes available, while stores may only carry a limited amount of inventory.
One of the latest trends is vintage-inspired bras and panties. Reminiscent of the 1950s, the designs feature panties that are cut higher on the torso and lower on the leg. Bras are very structured and place the bust line higher. Also, details such as hosiery with back seams and garter belts add a touch of sexiness to the more conservative designs of vintage pieces. While solid colors look more modern, vintage prints are also a great idea with this style of womens lingerie. Tiny polka dots or graphic flower prints may be influenced by another era, but the look has once again become modern and feminine.
A trend similar to vintage-inspired looks is ladylike womens lingerie. Womens clothing lines have created the trend over the past several seasons with pleated garments, tailored suits, and ultra-feminine colors. Lingerie has now followed the trend with delicate nightgowns and robes in pastel colors, and many of the pieces are silk. Details such as pleats, bows, and ribbon trim accentuate the designs. The overall look is both sweet and sexy.
For a bolder look, any style of intimate apparel gets an update in bright jewel tones. Fuchsia, Turquoise, and Emerald Green are just a few examples of the rich colors that will dominate lingerie stores for the next several seasons. These brighter colors look even better in silk, one of the on-trend fabrics currently being sold.
Whether you choose to shop for lingerie online or in a store, there is a wide variety of new styles to experiment with. Whether you want to try something bold and exciting or sweet and ladylike, there is something for every woman. Even a small update such as a new color or fabric can make a big difference in how you feel about yourself and your outfit.Even a small update such as a new color or fabric can make a big difference in how you feel about yourself and your outfit.

Top Four Women's Fashion Trends For Winter 2011

Top Four Women's Fashion Trends For Winter 2011
Looking for the top women's winter fashion trends for 2011? This year crisp military styles, bold graphic prints, chic tuxedo jackets and long soft knit sweaters are the must have styles of the winter season.
Crisp Military Styles
From sleek cropped military jackets to edgy military styled pants there are an endless number of ways to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. Incorporate a color palette of green, olive, gray and taupe into your wardrobe and invest in a few key wardrobe pieces including a military styled jacket or blazer, a pair of tapered military style pants and a pair of high heel lace up military inspired boots.
Bold Graphic Prints
Add some bold and graphic prints to our wardrobe to create a hip and edgy look. Fitted t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, skirts and one piece dresses are the best options for bold and graphic prints. When you pick out a piece of clothing with a pattern or print look for something with a hint of artistry including bold brush strokes, a watercolor appearance or even something edgy with retro shapes and designs.
Whether you are wearing a brightly colored and artistically designed print dress or a sleek and edgy long sleeve graphic print shirt with a military style blazer make sure you add some equally gorgeous and stand out jewelry pieces. Cuff bracelets, large pendant necklaces and vintage rings are divine accessories to wear with a bold print or pattern.
Chic Tuxedo Jackets
This is the year of the tuxedo jacket. The long lines and tapered design of the tuxedo jacket creates an incredibly long and lean figure flattering look. The best part of this winter fashion trend is that it works extremely well as a layered look. Wear a chic tuxedo jacket over a long graphic t-shirt or sexy camisole. Add a pair of denim jeans or sleek leggings to create a fabulous layered look for the winter season.
Don't forget to accessorize! Throw on a pair of long leather boots, a brightly colored silk scarf and some gold bangles to complete the look. The key to looking chic in a tuxedo jacket is to wear a fitted style that falls just past the hips. Keep the layers sleek and simple with two to three complimentary accessories.
Long Soft Knit Sweaters
There is nothing more divine than wearing a long soft knit sweater worn over your best fitting and most comfortable pair of jeans. From cardigans to v-necks the best sweaters are ones that will wash and wear well every time you put it on. Black, white, gray and cream are the best color choices and will work as key pieces in your wardrobe because the neutral color scheme is extremely versatile and complimentary.
Wear a long soft knit sweater over a pair of leggings, jeans or trousers. Add a pair of chic lace up ankle boots, vintage styled gemstone jewelry and a slouchy hobo handbag to complete the look.
This winter the top four fashion trends for women include military styles, bold graphic prints, chic tuxedo jackets and long soft knit sweaters. Invest in one or two key pieces that blend well with your wardrobe. Neutral color schemes are often the best way to incorporate the latest fashion trends into your current style.

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