Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Top Four Fashion Trends In Little Boy's Clothing

Top Four Fashion Trends In Little Boy's Clothing
Shopping clothes for your little boy has never been so easy. With so many online clothing stores that are flooding the internet, you can now pick clothes, compare prices and order online in just a couple of mouse clicks. No need to stay in long lines just to pay for your purchases. Now you can order and make your payments online without the hassle.
Yes, shopping online is now made easy. However, if you are like most moms who are clueless on the latest trend in fashion for little boys, you may end up buying something that is off the trend. Maybe it's time for you to update yourself with the latest fashion clothes and accessories for your little tot. To help you make wise purchases, following are some of the newest trend in boy's clothing.
Everyday Look - Tops
Everyday clothes for boys are easy to find. These clothes are hip, versatile and trendy. They are comfy and airy. For tops, toddlers will look hip in Novelty Crew Tees, graphic tees and plain shirts. They can be matched with plaid short, khakis and jeans. Polo shirt is a classic and it can be worn when going out to play with friends or as a casual wear for school. They are typically made of 100 percent cotton. Cotton is a good fabric for active boys because it absorbs sweat. Another stylish clothes style for boys is plaid shirts with pockets. They can be worn with blue jeans or khakis. Shirts with hoods are very cool as well. They come in different designs from the basic plain colors to prints. If your son has a tee with hood you can layer it with a long sleeve shirt inside. This is practical especially if it is windy outside and if your son is feeling a little chilly. The hood can keep the head and neck warm while the long sleeves can protect your child's arm from cold.
Everyday Look - Bottoms
For bottoms, toddlers and big kids look fresh and cool in classic jeans and khakis. If you think that skinny jeans are just for girls, think again. Boys these days are now sporting and strutting skinny jeans with graphic shirts and jacket.
Formal Clothing For Your Little Fashionista
If your child is attending a formal party like a cousin's wedding or a funeral, pick a nice shade of dress pants and match it with a basic long sleeve. Long sleeves are now available in variety of colors. The most popular for boys are red, blue, white, gray, black and orange.
Vests And Ties
Layering clothes can make a boring outfit look modish. If your son is attending a special event that requires formal wear, you can match a plain long sleeve with a vest or a patterned tie. Your son will certainly look polished and elegant.
Shopping with your kid can be very challenging especially if your little tot likes to wander around. Thanks to the advancement of technology you can now shop at home. In just a couple of mouse clicks you can buy your little sweet heart all sorts of stuff from clothes, shoes and accessories. Consider the new trends in fashion for little boys mentioned above and surely your little one will be the best dressed kid in your block. One last tip, if you are shopping for something special like birthday clothes or a wedding suit for your little ones, order ahead of time as online shops have different shipping schedules. Of course you wouldn't want your son's dress to be delayed for the occasion.

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