Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Girls High Heel Shoes

Girls High Heel Shoes
Originally, high heels had the primary purpose of assisting Egyptian butchers in their duty, and to give horse riders a firmer grip. However, they are used today for the enhancement of a woman's legs and make them look very long. When Catherin de 'Medici, wife of the Duke of Orleans wore her heels, all women realized just how much she said without uttering a word, and they took after her.
The Platform Heel has a thick heel layer running from the toe to the heel of the shoe. It was popularized by the Spice Girls in the 90s. Wedge Heels are similar to platform heels, though their heel area is wedge shaped.
Stacked heels are made of thin wooden layers fixed to form a flat block or high heel. Spool Heels are spool shaped with a wide top and bottom, and a narrow middle section. Stilettos are thin and sharp pointed, and the most popular of the kind.
Ankle high boots are popular with today's generation as they can be worn with skinny jeans, long and mini-skirts, leggings, tights and jeggings (jeans + leggings). Shoes with ankle straps are usually worn with long dresses and gowns, and have been around for about a decade. Mules are generally casual shoes meant for night gigs or everyday clothes. Peep toes display a small part of the toes peeping from the shoe, and they can be quite nifty.

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