Friday, September 23, 2011

Geox Kids Shoes - What More Could You Want for Your Child When It Comes to Footwear?

Geox Kids Shoes - What More Could You Want for Your Child When It Comes to Footwear?
When it comes to footwear for children there are more good options on the market today. One of them that can be recommended with a calm mind is the Italian brand Geox that brings a ground breaking new feature with it. It's their breathable insole which creates healthy environment for the feet. The progressive approach which the company adopted is anchored in their name, Geox, which consists of the Greek word Geo meaning Earth and X standing for technology.
The kids shoes from Geox look good, are functional and durable and what's more, the kids love them. What more could you want for your child when it comes to footwear?
Out of the wide array Geox styles it is hard to recommend any particular shoe. We will mention some that gained good reviews in the online world:
Geox Jr Ascari is a fun looking sneaker that will make the boy walk and run with pride. Double hook and loop closure for an adjustable and secure fit, durable rubber outsole and light weight make it a popular choice for moms, too. And it's good for their wallet as they don't have to use it too often. These sneakers are breathable in general, and are good for sports, not just for casual wearing.
Geox Jr Wave are sneakers for toddlers and bigger kids. The shoe may look a little massive, but it is only its appearance. This is a pretty light-weight shoe (7oz). What is to be appreciated about it is the breathable and flexible rubber outsole and the padded tongue and collar for added comfort. You can find this sneaker online usually in white/silver, silver/red, and/or navy/red color combination. Sizes available are 9 Toddler, 10 Toddler, 10.5 Toddler and Youth sizes are to be found as well. Check for them online.
Geox Kids Baby Charlie is an amazing choice for girls. This pair of retro looking shoes has breathable outsole with micro-porous membrane that absorbs and expels sweat while keeping water out. Geox kids Jr Charlie is available in toddler and youth sizes. The double hook and loop is made well and lasts for ages. She will be confident with this particular pair from Geox.
These sneakers are currently available at a discounted price and cost about 50$.
It is important to make a good research when it comes to shoes for your children as their feet constantly grow and evolve. The philosophy of Geox is to make this research crystal clear and easy.

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