Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day fashion 2012

1. Fashion of the Month clubs. At one time, there were only fruit or book of the month clubs. Now there are clubs with monthly mailings of jeans, shoes, shirts, socks, and even lingerie. So give the fashion gift that keeps on giving. And your sweetheart will have a reason to thank you every month.

2. High vibrational jewelry. Regular jewelry is so 20th century. The must-have jewelry this Valentine's Day is gemstones with high frequency vibrations. The idea is that everything on this earth, including stones is made up of atoms, which have vibrational energy. Some stones have higher vibrations, which reap benefits for the body and mind. Amethysts enhance clarity and insight. Citrine manifests your desires. Rose quartz strengthens love. And diamonds chase away unhappy emotions. But we already knew that.

3. Scarves. Clothes are so difficult to give, and not very romantic, for that matter. One of the few exceptions are scarves. There's a sensual, tactile quality to scarves. One can never have enough of them. They complete an outfit. And you can get romantic, snuggling closely as you put it around your loved one's neck. The top trend in scarves this season is the super-long scarf that can be wrapped around and around. They're chic and dramatic.

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